Pinterest is the latest tool for collecting and organizing things that inspire you.

I admit: I have become a pinterest addict. I spend hours a day pinning hundreds of outfits I wish I owned, workout routines I promise myself to do and DIY projects I’d love to try among other things.

Second to the My Style board on my page, the board with the most pins is my YUM board. I have always LOVED cooking and baking—ever since I was a little girl sitting on my grandma’s counter-top licking the batter off the wooden spoon—but until recently, I never really had the opportunity to learn how. So I’ve decided to let pinterest teach me. Pinterest is a great cookbook…

…But everyone who uses pinterest as a way to try new, creative recipes with a twist knows that more often than not, the outcome does not always go as planned and your food looks or tastes less than desirable.

I’ve decided to put these recipes to the test and determine which work and which do not. As my papa always says, “Learning is by trial and error”.


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