Make ahead meals: Classic French Toast

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Classic_French_Toast_006 Classic_French_Toast_008


Hi friends! I’m alive! And still pregnant! Sorry for the radio silence over the last two weeks. Evan and I have been super busy baby nesting and it’s been so hard to do anything that isn’t related to this little bubs living inside me. But I’m happy to say that we’re done…at least until baby arrives. We really can’t think of anything else we can do in preparation for her arrival – except make tons and tons of freezer foods. Which brings me to this post. I’ve been a busy bee making everything from entrees to snacks to desserts and I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites with you in the next coming weeks. Most of these recipes are doubled (some even tripled) so consider these large crowd meals or size them accordingly to suit your needs. First up, classic french toast! French toast probably isn’t the first food…

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